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O’Brien Enterprise’s has been building and upgrading computers since shortly after the personal computer came onto the market. My name is Jim O’Brien and I am the owner and senior tech here at O’Brien’s. I’d like to give you a few reasons why you should buy your next computer from us instead of the nearby electronic superstore or online giant. First and foremost is service and support. If you buy from the electronic superstore, you have to bring the whole system to the store, wait in line and then wait 2 weeks when they have to send it back to the manufacturer or when you buy online and you spend forever on hold and then speak to someone from India who reads from a script and if your problem is not on the script, your out of luck. If you have a problem with your computer, we will first see if the problem can be solved over the telephone and if that is not possible, we will promptly schedule your computer for service. If you live in the Greater Detroit Area, one of our technicians will come to your home or business the next day after you call to fix your computer. Out of area customers receive a next day onsite service contract included with the purchase of their computer. Since every computer is built to order, we won’t try to sell you a soon to be discontinued model in an attempt to clear out our inventory. All computers are assembled from new, not remanufactured components. We do not use proprietary motherboards that limit your ability to upgrade your system. All our software is genuine OEM versions and you will receive all O/S and program CD’s, not just a recovery partition like you receive from most of your major brands. I know that you have many other places that you can go to get a computer, so just like that car rental company, we’ll try harder to make the purchase of your computer a pleasant experience.


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